Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reed Churchill and Lindsy Pearce Top Arkansas Junior Tennis Rankings

Reed Churchill (pictured above) of Fayetteville and Lindsy Pearce (pictured below) of Fort Smith lead the Arkansas Juniors with the #1 ranking in the Boys 18s and Girls 18s divisions, respectively. Other top-ranked juniors are as follows: Boys 16s-Jake Jacoby....Girls 16s-Emily Metcalf....Boys 14s-Marshall Ney....Girls 14s-Alye Darter....Boys 12s-Brandon Lupinek....Girls 12s-Maddie McKee.....Below is the list of the Top 10 players in each division:.

Boys 18s-1.Churchill, David Reed 2.Guy, Cole Chapman 3.Sheppard, Jordan 4.Cramer, Taylor 5.Henry, Kyle 6.Olaya, Julio R. 7.Jacoby, Jake 8.Terrell, Branch 9.Street, Nathan S. 10.Lundstrum, Luke......

Girls 18s-1. Pearce, Lindsy 2.Tang, Tiffany 3.Wright, Mary 4. Metcalf, Emily Ann 5.Lefler, Julia E. 6. Tarwater, Annie 7.Coopersmith, Nicole 8.Beaver, Alexis 9.Jackson, Katelyn 10.Beetstra, Margaret A.

Boys 16s- 1 Jacoby, Jake 2 Brandon, Trent 3 Talbert, Matt 4 Deluca, Dylan 5 Greer, Grayson S. 6 Bell, Nicholas S. 7 Kamath, Sameer G. 8 Miller, Andrew John 9 Mathis, Christian K. 10 Stewart, Cory Scott

Girls 16s- 1 Metcalf, Emily Ann 2 Allen, Meg E. 3 Branum, Katherine 4 Darter, Alye 5 Beaver, Alexis 6 Coopersmith, Nicole 7 Tarwater, Annie 8 Tang, Katherine 9 Tabler, Mallory 10 Moore, Michelle Liann

Boys 14s-1 Ney, Marshall Smith 2 Kauffman, Spencer 3 Harrison, Hunter Matthew 4 Hill, Jack Henry 5 Cain, Robert 6 Riser, Stuart 7 MacKey, Connor 8 Keith, Patrick 9 Edwards, Sam 10 Mallioux, Trevor

Girls 14-1 Darter, Alye 2 Rice, Tatum Brooke 3 Tang, Katherine 4 Baker, Emma 5 Coopersmith, Nicole 6 Nettle, Catherine Mary 7 Ward, Kami Rave 8 Gray, Ashley 9 Shah, Kruti 10 Lazovich, Luna

Boys 12s-1 Lupinek, Brandon D 2 Bridges, Jacob Pearcy 3 Barnett, Wesley 4 Rogers, Foster 5 Rouse, Eli Jonesboro 6 Chakka, Anil 7 Weeks, Steven Douglas 8 Henry, Payne Bryant 9 Johnson, Conner Nicklaus 10 Nolan, Henry

Girls 12s-1 McKee, Maddie 2 lucas, margaret porter 3 Rice, Thea Hale 4 Jackson, Lilly 5 Maurras, Evelyn 6 Roper, Hunter 7 Hughes, Avery 8 Worsham, Shelby 9 Killingsworth, Brooke Elizabeth 10 Hafner, Cameron .... 20 Jones, Holly Kate

Article submitted by: Chuck Cavin

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mark Vaught Causes City of Conway Layoffs, Payroll Freezes, and Offers No Answers for Plant Closures

Mark Vaught, Conway's City Councilman, causes city workers to suffer from layoffs, payroll freezes, and offers no answers for plant closures. City employees including policemen and firemen suffered from layoffs and no pay raises over the last 4 years. In fact, Conway fireman Damon Reed and Conway policeman Richard Shumate recently sued the city for failure to provide pay raises promised them from a 1/4 % sales tax (Read- Arkansas Business article by Kate Knable on October 1,2012 of Russell Wood Law Firm lawsuit on behalf of city workers). Mark Vaught has mismanaged the city's finances to a point where the city desperately needed the sales tax revenue to pay for Vaught's excessive spending measures (Read- Log Cabin Democrat article by Becky Harris on Vaught's Admin Bldg proposal at Tea Party/Quorum Court Meeting).

Vaught says that he supports families and children , but in reality Vaught has caused severe pain and agony to families and children of city employees by causing layoffs and no pay raises for them.

Severe job losses from plant closures and layoffs at IC Corp / Amtran / Ward Bus, SAS Shoe plant/ San Antonio Shoe Company, Virco Manufacturing, and For-Mor Distribution also caused workers and families to suffer during Mark Vaught's tenure as city official. People feel like Vaught did not do enough to save these jobs.....Vaught is now seeking a Faulkner County position.

 We do not want Vaught causing job instability, inefficiency, and lawsuits at the county level!!!

Political Ad Paid For By: Citizens for Responsible Govt

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mark Vaught's Overspending Causes City of Conway's Financial Woes

To the Left: The Condition of the City of Conway Finances Before Mark Vaught Took Office....... To the Right: The Condition of the City of Conway Finances After Mark Vaught Leaves Office....... Job Performance Matters!!! We don't need Mark Vaught causing Financial Ruin at the Faulkner County level!!!........Political Ad Paid For By: Citizens For Responsible Govt

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jake Jacoby and Jacqueline Carr Lead the Arkansas Juniors in 2012 Southern Tennis Rankings

Jake Jacoby of Little Rock and Jackie Carr of Rogers are the top-ranked Arkansas Juniors in the Southern Section of the United States Tennis Association. Currently, Jake Jacoby is ranked #10 in the Southern Boy's 16s and Jacqueline Carr is ranked #8 in the Southern Girl's 16s...........Other Arkansas Juniors ranked in the Top 100 of the Southern Section are as follows..........

Boys 18s-#36 Olaya, Julio R.;#44 Cramer, Taylor;#62 Guy, Cole Chapman;#79 Crawford, Austin;#91 Churchill, David Reed;#94 Sheppard, Jordan..........

Girls 18s-#11 Wright, Mary;#58 Jackson, Katelyn;#98 Tang, Tiffany..........

Boys 16s-#10 Jacoby, Jake;#56 Brandon, Trent;#89 Mathis, Christian K..........

Girls 16s-#8 Carr, Jacqueline Ariana;#19 Jackson, Katelyn;#44 Metcalf, Emily Ann;#72 Tang, Tiffany;#100 Tarwater, Annie..........

Boys14s-#13 Mendelsohn, Maxwell Lawrence;#50 Ney, Marshall Smith;#88 Harrison, Hunter Matthew;#89 MacKey, Connor;#96 Cain, Robert;#97 Riser, Stuart;#98 Kauffman, Spencer..........

Girls 14s-#9 Coopersmith, Nicole;#23 Rice, Tatum Brooke;#56 Darter, Alye;#71 Tang, Katherine ..........

Boys 12s-#14 Chakka, Anil;#25 Barnett, Wesley;#56 Bridges, Jacob;#58 Humphries, Zachary;#69 Lupinek, Brandon;#70 Rogers, Foster;#85 Johnson, Conner Nicklaus;#88 Rouse, Eli;#92 Weeks, Steven Douglas..........

Girls 12s-#13 Rice, Thea Hale;#44 lucas, margaret porter;#66 McKee, Maddie;#73 Roper, Hunter;#76 Jackson, Lilly;#86 Hafner, Cameron

Article submitted by: Chuck Cavin, Pinnacle Tennis Academy

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mark Vaught, Conway Politician and Rec Tennis Player, Caught Dumpster Diving

Mark Vaught, Conway Politician and Recreational Tennis Player, was caught dumpster diving. City Alderman Vaught along with other city officials misappropriated city revenues causing a huge budget shortfall. Desperately needing cash reserve funds, Vaught and his cohorts raided Conway Corp's Sanitation reserves in order to balance the city's checkbook. Mark Vaught is now seeking a Faulkner County position. The county offices have always acted responsibly and efficiently and don't need Vaught bouncing checks in their departments......Political Ad Paid For By: Citizens For Lower Taxes